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Technical CATs

We have an initiative at the library to help our students spend less money on texts used in classes, called the Course Adopted Texts (CATs) E-Book Initiative. Our Librarian for Collection Development and Evaluation works with the campus bookstore to … Continue reading

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Quality in qualitative research

Roller, Margaret R., and Paul J. Lavrakas. 2015. Applied Qualitative Research Design: A total quality framework approach. New York: Guilford Press. If you’re interested in making sure that your qualitative research is trustworthy, and that your methods section doesn’t include … Continue reading

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Interview with the authors — that’s me!

ALA Publishing has a real nice (and short) written interview up with me and Cheryl on their website, about our book Marketing Your Library‚Äôs Electronic Resources: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians, at Here’s a little snippet from the interview: … Continue reading

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FM3 Monkey Mind

I posted previously about the sounds I like to listen to when I’m writing. Based on your recommendations I added quite a bit to add to the rotation. I am smitten with Moby’s Long Ambients ( – thanks for the … Continue reading

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*silent fist pump*

I think a lot about the accessibility of our library’s licensed e-resources. Sure, if there’s not already a clause in a license agreement about compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, we request that it be added. But what does … Continue reading

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If platform upgrade email alerts were truthful

*E-resources librarians around the world nod in agreement* This one’s for you, folks! More monkey comics at

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