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The meeting after a meeting

A challenge for managing a long-term project is making sure that all the parts keep moving forward. The way I’ve figured out how to do this best is to schedule a brief meeting (20 minutes) with myself after a meeting … Continue reading

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Celebratory organization looks a little different these days

The other day in the office I opened the wrong file cabinet and was confronted with so many hanging folders. I hadn’t been in that file cabinet in a while and looking at those folders reminded me of the way … Continue reading

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staying current without being overwhelmed: my approach to reading the library literature

RSS has enabled me to read more widely than ever, allowing me to view tables of contents of all different kinds of scholarly journals and blogs. i’ve added a bunch to my RSS feeds about management and leadership in the … Continue reading

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Time to think

i’m working on chapter 6 of our book and have decided to include a section called “time to think.” the end of a marketing cycle is assessment, and that step feeds right back into the next cycle’s first step, project description. … Continue reading

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your future is organized, and your calendar agrees!

a while ago i told you about how i use the last 15 minutes of my friday to set my schedule for monday (memory refresher), but i haven’t told you about how i manage past monday. my calendar is my … Continue reading

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celebratory organization

whenever i finish a big project i like to get down with some celebratory organization afterward. we just finished a grant application to imls (cross your fingers!) and now that we’re done it’s time for hanging and file folders, baby! … Continue reading

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