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the pointy tip of a pencil

i prefer old fashioned pencils. i like the feel of the wood and the weight of the pencil, which is lost with the mechanical versions. for general office use i prefer the 2b grade, which is a plain old, standard … Continue reading

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librarians as professional organizers

if you’re on twitter you may know that there is a feature called “lists.” putting people you follow into a list makes sense if you follow different kinds of people and want to be able to separate their tweets. maybe … Continue reading

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organizing your cats

i’m not really sure what’s going on in these pictures, but the cats seem so well organized i just had to share:

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i’m a paperless traveler

read how to travel without paper printouts of hotel confirmations, maps, or driving directions by reading my “paperless traveler” profile on the evernote blog.  they even included a picture of me with the profile!  the write-up includes instructions on how … Continue reading

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how to make monday mornings at work less awful

if you’re like me, by the time you roll into work on monday morning you’ve completely forgotten what you did on friday and what your goals were for the upcoming week.  the last thing you want to do first thing … Continue reading

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the last step of writing an article: the celebratory organization

writing an article always begins neatly: i have an idea, i write down a few guiding thoughts, i begin my literature search.  i create four folders on my computer: the main folder has the working title of the paper, three … Continue reading

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