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Sparklines (and a depressing trend)

Last year I was lucky enough to take a one-day class with Edward Tufte, about presenting data and information. The course itself was wonderful and I got to chat with him for a little bit about challenges in presenting social … Continue reading

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fog on the bluff

Loyola Marymount University sits up on a bluff near the ocean, permitting beautiful views of the basin of Los Angeles. Since it’s so close to the ocean we often get fog in the morning and wind in the afternoon. Here’s … Continue reading

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When the power goes out – Librarian Problems i was just introduced to this blog yesterday and laughed myself silly looking at the animated gifs of librarian problems. this one in particular struck me because this is exactly my reaction when our campus internet connection goes down. … Continue reading

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collaboration in the office

One usually thinks about technical services jobs in a library as back-of-house, away from people. My job as e-resource librarian is certainly a technical job, but some days I get home from work and realized I’ve talked all day long. … Continue reading

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balance through frivolity

much of what i do in my job day-to-day is locked in and focused. i tend to hold a lot of things in my brain at once to solve problems or think through how to do things better. as you … Continue reading

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