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e-resources usage stats dashboard update

In July I told you about a project that my colleague and I were working on here, to develop a statistics dashboard for electronic resources usage. Our project has progressed to the point at which we are beginning the construction … Continue reading

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usage statistics, now with more monkey

You guys know how I’m always going on about reliable methods for counting the use of library e-content? Project COUNTER is pretty much where it’s at, the standard libraries use to measure use. I’ve been following their work ( since … Continue reading

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celebrating one year of our ERM

One year ago on this date we began the implementation process for our electronic resource management system, Innovative’s ERM. In the past year we have entered 352 resource records, which describe our databases, e-journal collections, and e-book collections. Through the … Continue reading

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dance, monkey, dance

i’m on a deadline to get our e-journal usage stats pulled into a report and this video keeps popping into my head as i’m quickly analyzing data:

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the use of our non-current print journal collection is waning: proof provided

Retrieval requests of non-current journal articles from storage Over the last six fiscal years requests for non-current journal articles retrieved from storage has dropped significantly.  The decline is most dramatic in the number of requests LMU patrons made: from 470 … Continue reading

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