LOOK AT THIS FIGURE. look at it.

just got the article reprints for my latest article (http://orgmonkey.net/?p=1234) and as i was flipping through i fell in love all over again with the figures i made to illustrate the frequencies of specific marketing techniques used in libraries. i don’t know why i find the little images of the librarian on the left and the patron on right so amusing, but there ya’ go.

here’s one of the figures from the article, figure 4: training. these are all the marketing techniques that fell into the category of “training.” the most mentioned marketing technique in this category is patron training in a group setting, mentioned 15 times.

figure 4. Training

Marie R. Kennedy. 2011. “What Are We Really Doing to Market Electronic Resources?” Library Management 32(3): 144-158. DOI: 10.1108/01435121111112862


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