celebrating one year of our ERM

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One year ago on this date we began the implementation process for our electronic resource management system, Innovative’s ERM. In the past year we have entered 352 resource records, which describe our databases, e-journal collections, and e-book collections. Through the ERM we are providing 72,841 access points to electronic content. We are managing 23,029 serial titles via the system. We’re using the ERM to store our usage statistics and are working with Innovative to persuade more of our publisher friends to provide usage statistics via the SUSHI protocol through the ERM. We’re beginning to manage our license agreements through the system too, and are now in the midst of that project.

The advantages of the administrative back end of the system aside, what we’re most pleased about are the patron-facing features of the ERM. Now when our patrons perform a keyword search in our catalog, relevant electronic resources are provided first in search results. We are able to now convey to our patrons their rights and restrictions for use of these resources, via the license record. Check it out live by looking at our record for ARTstor: http://linus.lmu.edu/record=e1000028~S1. The information in the box at the bottom of the screen is the rights of use.

Our development of the ERM is ongoing, but we are amazed at the progress made in just one short year. Happy birthday, ERM! May you have a long and healthy life here at our library.


keyword search results for ARTstor

keyword search results for ARTstor

rights of use details for ARTstor

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  1. Michelle says:

    We have Innovative’s ERM and we are doing much of what you are doing too. We really like the patron end side that you describe.

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