designing a task management system for a new e-resource program

we came up with a list of major tasks that needed to be completed so that my library’s electronic resource program is thorough, with a focus on responding to patron needs; the task list is 113 items long. something that extensive is going to need a management system to keep things on track. enter: gantt chart. we entered all of the tasks into the free platform-agnostic software, ganttproject, then identified which people should be involved with each task and decided when each task should begin and end, and which tasks were dependent on others being completed before new ones could begin. now all of that mess is organized, and i can export it into a .csv file so i can sort on date. i’m using this date information to plan agendas for weekly meetings where we discuss all of the tasks. for someone interested in things being organized, you can imagine how happy this makes me.

here’s a screen shot of the program with all of our tasks entered:
tasks in ganttproject

and here is a screen shot of the tasks with the time outline. you can see when tasks begin and end:
tasks with timeline displayed

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