gliffy for online chart drawing

you guys know i’ve been a fan of for making a quick flow chart but i was just introduced to gliffy and prefer it. you can save 5 diagrams on your free account and it integrates with google docs and confluence wiki. nice. it’s the product i’d recommend if you’re creating a SWOT chart; the template they provide is really well done and exports as jpeg, png, svg, or xml. take a look at gliffy the next time you need to make a flow chart, Venn diagram, or organization chart.

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2 Responses to gliffy for online chart drawing

  1. John says:

    Gliffy and Lovely Charts are nice. But have you seen LucidChart? I found it easier and more robust than the other two you mentioned…and they give away Pro accounts for free to librarians!

  2. marie says:

    wow, LucidChart looks awesome! thanks for the heads-up.

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