College Students, Libraries, Technology, Crunch Time: The Latest PIL Report

what a rich study this is! i’m still digesting it myself. i’m pasting below a quote that is leading me to wonder about services the library can provide while the students stay put in the library to study.

Head, Alison J., and Michael B. Eisenberg. 2011. “Balancing Act: How College Students Manage Technology While in the Library during Crunch Time.” Project Information Literacy Research Report. Accessed October 12, 2011

found via cheryl’s blog:

“Moreover, students told us they stayed online and in close proximity to their work. They did not get up from their seats, ask for help from a librarian, or use most library resources; indeed their most valuable devices run the risk of being stolen if left unattended. Nor do they leave their online worlds, where their most alluring self-incentives are” (p.48).

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