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I was delighted to find out that I have been named one of the 2013 cohort of LMU’s Senior Vice President Fellows Program. It’s designed to let us “explore how leaders in colleges and universities exercise constructive influence to help institutions achieve their mission and goals.” I’m in a group of five fellows, and paired with our Senior VP mentors, we total ten. We’ll be meeting and traveling together throughout the year, reading quite a bit. There are a couple of mini-retreats each month, with themes like “inclusive colleges and universities,” “leadership epistemology.” I’m honored to be part of this group and will enjoy working with my mentor, the university’s CFO. I’ll be doing this in addition to my regular duties at the library. Time management, FTW!

At my eye exam yesterday I mentioned that I’ve started to hold my phone at a little bit of a distance now when I text, so I was instructed to get a pair of glasses to use when I read (“cheaters”). That should really come in handy with all the reading I’m about to embark on with this fellowship program. Our first mini-retreat is at the end of January; required reading is four articles and two book chapters.


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