Kathy Dempsey reviews our book!

Yes, THAT Kathy Dempsey, the woman I went all fan-girl over when I met her at ALA and asked her to sign my copy of her book, The Accidental Library Marketer. In my mail at work today I found copies of her latest MLS: Marketing Library Services (Nov./Dec. 2013), in which she reviews our book. Here’s a snippet of the review:

One section, titled “First, Take a Good, Long, Hard Look at Your Library Website,” urges readers to assess the ways that they make their databases available. Making them hard to find will of course mean lower usage from the get-go. “On many library websites, e-resources are ‘buried’ so deeply it will take a plucky and resourceful patron to find them at all” (p. 82). When you see that point, it’s immediately obvious, yet how many websites have you come across where that’s the case? […] So it really is necessary to do a great deal of assessment before you even think about writing a marketing plan.

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