Sometimes nice things happen

For the last few months every time I walked from the library to get my stress fix (a small bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos) from the campus bookstore I would pass by a light pole hung with a large banner of myself, as part of the LMyoU campaign. It’s been a total delight to get to be the face of the library for the 2017 cohort. Here’s a link to the website that has my picture and story, along with all of the other cohort members: I really like the photograph that LMU staff photographer, Jon Rou, took of me.

Here’s what the banner looks like:

Marie Kennedy bannerIt’s nice to be recognized on campus for the award I won in 2014, the Ingram Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management from Collection Management Section of the American Library Association’s Library Collections and Technical Services.

About Marie Kennedy

Putting everything into neat piles.
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