Second edition of Marketing Your Library’s Electronic Resources is on the way

book coverWhat’s New Since the First Edition [this text is taken from the preface of the second edition]

We have learned so much from you since the writing of the first edition of this book and are grateful to those of you who took time to write to us about your experiences with the book, and to those who wrote reviews of the book. All of your feedback has been folded into this edition.

One of the things we heard from you is that it was helpful to see marketing plans from libraries, so that you didn’t feel like you needed to reinvent the wheel while creating your own. We agree that viewing different approaches to developing marketing plans can be valuable and so have included three more marketing plans in this edition. One of the marketing plans uses the brand new marketing plan report template we’ve created for you (download it as a Web Extra), to help you get to your own final marketing plan faster. Let us know how you like the template, and what tweaks to it you may suggest for a future edition.

Looking outside of our own home libraries, the world of e-resource management continues to move forward. The usage statistics standards group that we all rely on to compare the usage of one e-resource to another, Project COUNTER, is currently working on a draft of a new Code of Practice (and related SUSHI protocol), Release 5. To engage librarians in the development of these standards, and to provide a mechanism for asking questions about the use of them, the website has been developed. Take a look for yourself to see how you may want to participate with this online community.

The TERMS (Techniques for Electronic Resource Management) group is in the process of reconvening to revise their work on the steps involved in managing e-resources. Their facebook page is at, if you want to stay up to date with their progress.

There are lots of options to stay engaged with e-resources and marketing. As you find new opportunities you think we should know about, drop us a line! We enjoy observing and learning how to interact with the changing world of electronic resources right alongside you.

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