Quality in qualitative research

Roller, Margaret R., and Paul J. Lavrakas. 2015. Applied Qualitative Research Design: A total quality framework approach. New York: Guilford Press.

If you’re interested in making sure that your qualitative research is trustworthy, and that your methods section doesn’t include statements like, “magic occurs here,” check this book out. The authors have developed a framework for designing qualitative research design to be credible, analyzable, transparent, and useful. They apply the framework to the usual qualitative methods (interview, observation, and more), prompting the reader to consider the four framework components throughout each method.

This is one of those books that as you read, you find yourself nodding along. If you’re designing an in-depth interview, for example, of course you know that you’ll want to make sure that the people you’re interviewing will be able to provide the data you need to answer your research question, and that those people are representative of a larger population. The book ties this intentionality of choosing the right people back to the framework component of credibility. *nod* In order for your research to be credible, you’ll want to select your interviewees carefully. Yes, you know this already, but unless something like this book is prompting you to make sure to do it right, well…we know how tired designing good research can make a person.

Give this book a read to affirm what you want out of your qualitative research, that it be considered rigorous and well designed.

BONUS: I learned about reflexive journaling from this book and am excited to give their journaling template (page 42) a try.

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