becomes a blog, the site i created to showcase my digital photographs, is now a shiny new blog!  go and grab an rss feed to put some digital photography into your feedreader.  you’ll feel better, i promise.  enjoy the primary page where i will post color images as i make them, as well as the portfolio pages of my previous work.

the images on the site are mainly good for making a little print for yourself to hang in the office to brighten your day.  if you want a bigger print, check out the paypal link on the main page and i will send you an archival inkjet print.

all of the images on are licensed under creative commons: attribution-noncommercial-share alike 3.0 united states.  that means that you may use, share, or remix anything you find on the site without seeking permission, but you should attribute the original to me and share any remixes with the same kind of license.

as always, feedback and collaboration are welcome.

yellow mushroom

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