“even a monkey can handle it”

Marie Kennedy on Mar 5th 2016

I’m going to forgive that comment from the article cited below because a monkey controlling a robotic wheelchair with his mind is a pretty incredible thing.

via http://mentalfloss.com/article/76629/watch-monkey-control-wheelchair-its-mind

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Year of the Monkey

Marie Kennedy on Feb 5th 2016

Yay, it’s the year of the fire monkey. Rock on! year-monkey

In this year, according to http://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/chinese-zodiac/monkey.htm, “Great unexpected fortune will find its way to Monkeys in 2016, so they will not have to worry about food and clothes.” That’s nice.

Also, “People born in a year of the Monkey often spend more time at work.” Yeah, we know: guilty. “Therefore Monkeys need to remember to take breaks to save their energy during their busy schedules.” Okay, we can do that.

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THANKS for all the book reviews

Marie Kennedy on Jan 19th 2016

Cheryl and I have recently signed on to write a second edition of Marketing Your Library’s Electronic Resources. Hurrah, I know! We are excited to update components throughout the book and add new marketing plans. Before starting to do any actual re-writing I thought I’d take a look at all the book reviews that have been written since the publication of the work in 2013. Wow, what a gold mine your reviews have turned out to be. I’m poring through what you’ve written to see what you suggest being moved to different sections, things you’d like to see added, making notes of what NOT to change with the second edition.

If you have reviewed our book, THANK YOU. Your words inspired librarians across the world to purchase the book for their collections and hopefully have nudged a few to begin creating marketing plans for e-resources at their libraries. Now your words are helping to shape the second iteration of the work. We wouldn’t want to do this without you!

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Because monkeys

Marie Kennedy on Sep 3rd 2014

Sharing a link to a new Nature article (with video embedded below in this post) about monkeys learning by watching videos: http://www.nature.com/news/marmoset-see-marmoset-do-1.15818

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Best seller!

Marie Kennedy on Aug 31st 2014

Our book is in ALA’s “New and Best-selling Titles” Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog?!? Nice! Thanks to all of you who have purchased it/read it/put it to use.

our book is a best seller?!










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Lesson learned: archive your stuff

Marie Kennedy on Aug 29th 2014

A few years ago I ran a small group project about marketing on a free wiki. I wrote a couple of articles about the project, referencing the wiki. The wiki was an active resource for those who had participated in the project. And then…you know where this story is going, don’t you…the wiki disappeared. The URL was sold and repurposed. I hadn’t archived it, so all that collaborative work is gone, or so I thought.

Thankfully the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine crawled the site (https://web.archive.org/web/20130507174324/http://benchmarketing.wetpaint.com) and I can now go back and save screen snaps of each of the pages. Big exhale. To say thanks I’ve made a donation to the Internet Archive and bought some mugs and tote bags to share with my friends.

Going back through the site reminds me now what an ambitious project it actually was. I think everyone who participated learned a lot about marketing. Here’s a screen shot of the weekly assignments:

Marketing e-resources assignments


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