Time to think

i’m working on chapter 6 of our book and have decided to include a section called “time to think.” the end of a marketing cycle is assessment, and that step feeds right back into the next cycle’s first step, project description. my mind has run through the literature on assessment and i’ve been hoping to see quotes that say things like, “part of assessment is to sit there and think about what you’ve accomplished,” or “reflect, you’ve earned it,” or “celebrate your completion of this process.” i’m including a section about this in my book because i think it’s important to sit, to just *be* at the end of a project. time to reflect, to synthesize, to take what you’ve learned and apply it to future actions is the key for information to become knowledge.

usually when i finish a project i celebrate by organizing digital and paper files but i’ll be making an effort to still myself at completion to let it all really sink in, rather than rushing on to the next thing.


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